China is a hugely, varied and rewarding country.  Until the early 1980’s China was closed to foreign visitors and is now a must-see destination.  Centuries of history and iconic sites are waiting to be discovered, along with stunning scenery including the mighty Yangtze River and the limestone peaks of Guilin.

Beijing is an ideal place to start, walk in the largest public square in the world that is Tiananmen Square, bordered by the Forbidden city.  Wonder at the human achievement of the Great Wall stretching 5,500 miles from east to west. Fly to the ‘City of eternal peace’ Xian, and be amazed by the 6,000 Terracotta Warriors and Horses that were unearthed by farmers digging in 1974.  Take a boat on the majestic, meandering Yangtze River and enjoy the stunning scenery of the Three Gorges and the limestone peaks in Guilin. Shanghai is China’s largest city and is known as the Paris of the East.  It has a fascinating heritage and an abundance of modern skyscrapers.  The most famous landmark is the waterfront area known as ‘The Bund’.  Head west to the mountainous region of Tibet, bordering Nepal and experience the views from the top of the world.  As you discover the ancient temples and holy sites feel the spirituality than envelopes you.  Holiday to China for a truly epic adventure.

Hong Kong is a prominent gateway city into South East Asia, China and Australasia. Hong Kong is a perfect mix of old and new with a rich traditional Chinese history combined with a colonial past.


Japan consists of over 6,800 islands all with different climates.  On the main island of Honshu you will find Tokyo lit up with thousands of neon lights, a modern thriving city, and Osaka famed for its rich culture of food.  Mount Fuji is a vista that shouldn’t be missed. Or visit Kyoto which will fuel your imagination of Geishas, pink cherry blossom, grand, ornate palaces and wonderful gardens.

Visiting Japan is like stepping into another world, a truly unique and memorable experience.


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