Have you always wanted to try out your sea-legs?   So many sea-faring possibilities to explore the seas and oceans.  Sail through the Panama Canal, or the glaciers in Alaska.

In winter you can escape the cold and enjoy island hopping in the Caribbean or even sail round the world for 42 days or more.

In the summer the Mediterranean beckons with trips that include stops in Cadiz, Athens and Alexandria.

Alternatively a week on the Rhine with its fairytale castles and picturesque vineyards would be a good place to start.  If you are single, a couple or family there are lots of options.  And here are several reasons why cruising is so popular.

A cruise is ideal if you like simplicity of planning. Pay for the cruise, transport to and from the port and that’s it. The cruise company take care of your food, accommodations, and entertainment for the entire period of your cruise.

Travelling with children is easy, no flights or in and out of hotels.  Lots of activity programmes for children are on offer so there is always something to do and of course travelling to your destination is fun.

Where else can you visit Venice in the morning and learn to Salsa in the afternoon?  On board entertainment takes many forms, for example Casinos, Cirque du Soleil and Disney shows, cinemas, pools and Cabaret in Las Vegas style.

There is a definite advantage to unpacking once, even though you will visit lots of great destinations. Each day you will wake up somewhere different and gaze upon a new horizon.

Some cruise lines also offer themed cruises, including golf, wine and food, architecture and history, and photography. There is a wealth of choice of destination, size of boat, and type of accommodation.  From an inside suite offering great value to a luxurious suite with a sea view and balcony.

With so many possibilities Free spirit holiday, as an independent travel agent, would be delighted to help find the right cruise for you. Call us now

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