From whichever way you look at it, holidays in the USA & Canada offer all types of travellers an amazing array of eye-opening opportunities and experiences.

North America has it all.  The golden, sun-kissed beaches of Florida, the spectacular mountain scenery of the Rockies, awesome national parks, jaw-dropping rides in the world’s greatest amusement parks, glamour and glitz can be found in New York and Las Vegas, or be shaken by an eruption in Hawaii.


Be amazed by the most stunning autumnal, golden hues found in New England, don your cowboy hat and saddle up for Texan ranching break or discover American heritage in the cities of the east coast.

Why not hire a red mustang and drive Route 66, feel the wind on your face and get to the heart of each sightseeing stop with people as diverse as the states they live in.

Canadians have it all too.

Visit Vancouver which is known for having the world’s best quality of life nestling between the Rockies and the Pacific , or Toronto the gateway to the thundering Niagara Falls and a cultural gourmets delight, or Montreal which is known as Paris on the St. Lawrence with its quaint cobbled streets brimming with sophistication and romance.

North American holidays offer the warmest of welcomes, and will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions

1.Grand Canyon, Arizona
2. Manhattan, New York
3.Yellowstone park, California
4.Golden Gate Bridge, California
5. Niagara Falls, Ontario
6, Kilauea, Hawaiian Archipelago
7. Florida keys
8. Las Vegas strip, Nevada
9. Denali National park, Alaska
10. The White House, Washington DC

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